That's the call of the bush. Which is why we've called our interactive, real-time online customer service product KUIconnect!

KUIconnect! is the way that you can reach out to visitors to your website in real time. And more importantly, your customers can reach you when they need to - RIGHT NOW! - and where they need to - RIGHT ON THE WEB!

How many visitors could you turn into buyers (or be fully satisfied with your service) if they could contact a real person and deal with them in a safe, friendly way online when they are at your website? A recent study in the U.S. by Jupiter research shows that 90% of potential buyers leave just before the final stage of purchasing. The Survey showed that this is because there is usually one more objection that was left unanswered and that is enough to turn them away. If someone was there to help them online, the result would be different.

KUIconnect! provides you and your customers with a customer service paradigm for the web. It is conceptually similar to a customer service "call center" - but is accessible to small and medium-sized businesses as well. And it's fully secure and packed with features.

Here are some features of KUIconnect! that will change the way you do business on the internet:

  • Enables one or more "Receptionists" to answer "calls" from customers visiting your website
  • Queues calls so you can manage them - shows queue information
  • Has Away messages and Self-Scrolling Messages
  • Provides you with details about the visitor immediately
  • Enables you to show the customer around different parts of your website or anywhere on the internet - targetted assistance
  • Can transfer your customers to other people internally or externally to extended Business Partners, Branches or Agents
  • Has reporting and logging - you can save the session transcript
  • Is corporate-friendly - secure, encypted and Directory-aware (LDAP option)
  • Has a friendly, secure "chat" interface, with Voice and Video coming soon!
  • Needs only the internet to operate - is fully hosted and maintained by us, leaving you to concentrate on your business, not the technology.
  • many more live chat features.

KUIconnect! is affordable!

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