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Email Marketing - the low-cost way to get more business

Email marketing is, when done correctly, one of the lowest-cost marketing strategies you can deploy for your online business. The key to email marketing is to have a current, relevant "opted-in" database of interested buyers.

Globalise helps you put together a solid email marketing strategy and puts the strategy into action. We work with various 3rd-party email facility providers that will suit your budget and requirements.

There are a number of key parts to an email marketing strategy that you need to consider. Amongst these are:

  • Do you already have a list of email customers?
  • What percentage of your list have given you permission to send them marketing emails?
  • Do you regularly send them emails? By what mechanism? Private or Commercial facility?
  • How do you produce the content for your emails?
  • Do your emails tie back to content on your website?

Globalise can manage your whole email marketing from beginning to end. We will:

  • listen to your needs
  • advise you with the best approach to take
  • provide you with a written quote for the management and the cost-per-email or cost-per-subscriber

Our email marketing systems are provided by Ezemail.

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