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Online Stores, E-commerce, Payment Systems

Online stores and shopping systems are an important part of the internet today. Many businesses have an online presence already, and a large number of companies have set up an internet shop to some degree. Globalise are experts in helping you establish your online store.

Because we also have experts in online marketing, Globalise can help you plan your internet business from all angles. Many companies we work with established a shopping website long ago, but struggle to meet their sales objectives. Many people we talk to have already literally given up before they came to us. The Globalise team utilises its technical and marketing expertise to help you get your online shopping store to the level where you want it to be.

Globalise's consulting, website design, shop development, internet marketing, security and technical infrastructure expertise is what you need for "setting up shop".

OsCommerce - the Open Source online shopping system

Globalise often recommends and delivers solutions based upon OsCommerce - the license-free (Open Source) internet-based shopping system. OsCommerce is easily deployed on your website and contains mamy of the most-needed features in a shopping system, as well as some very nice surprises for online retailers, including "Wish Lists" and "Newsletters".

OsCommerce is not owned by any one company - it is constantly developed and worked on by many people around the world - all of whom are doing it to build a better product for their own online stores or those of their customers. OsCommerce is a great system that will fall within the budgets of small-to-medium businesses.

Ask us about some of our customers' online shopping website successes!