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YWAM Australia Discipleship Courses

Reef to Outback are a non-profit discipleship training organization providing inspiring training for young people interested in spreading the word of God through discipleship and evangelism across the world with YWAM. With Youth With A Mission (YWAM), Australian youth can be involved in a 21 week course covering all facets of evangelism and how changes can be made to the lives of others with the tools of discipleship.

By spreading the word of the Lord Jesus Christ, YWAM missionary workers, staff and students can bring the teachings of the Bible to those that may be in need of support or leadership. This discipleship work can be offered locally within Australia or in a number of countries overseas, such as Bali, East Timor, Malaysia in the Pacific region, with graduates representing YWAM in its mission.

Christian Discipleship Training School - YWAM Australia

Our team leaders at Reef to Outback are able to provide students with fundamental Christian values and lessons in discipleship that can forge a love of God and help them inspire others with the teachings. Many discipleship students find the YWAM courses to be both inspirational and eye-opening as they delve into the words that can enhance the joy of life by all living creatures on this earth.

YWAM missions are represented all around the world and the tools that are provided through discipleship training with YWAM can help individuals with building projects, teaching English, health education and many types of life changing missions. With the outreach program, students at YWAM or Reef to Outback can travel the world with the total support of God and the teachings of the Bible.

Discipleship Courses Evangelism

Some Reef to Outback graduates may love the Bible, or music, or working with technology, so no matter what interest a YWAM students may have, there is a discipleship course to suit them perfectly. There are many practical purposes for the missions run by YWAM, and the missionaries can help those around the world to improve their current situation.

By getting involved with a YWAM discipleship mission, the students are able to promote strong Christian beliefs that will further strengthen their own Christian faith in God. Support for this non profit organization is through scholarships and donations for students, staff and current discipleship missions.

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