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Wool Innovation Australia

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Wool Innovation Australia was first established in 2001 as a subsidiary of Australian Wool Services. In 2002 Wool Innovation became an independent public company owned by Australian woolgrowers with a mission to increase the long term profitability of Australian woolgrowers and the Australian wool industry through research, development and innovation. Wool Innovation Australia also provide trade development on behalf of woolgrowers.

The priorities for Wool Innovation Australia as a company range from the development of new wool products to building a demand for wool by creating exciting wool fashion designs. These aims take into account many of the problems encountered by the Australian wool industry including animal health and welfare issues and the critical shortage of shearers and shed hands.

Australia Wool Industry - Education & Adoption

Wool Innovation Australia takes its role of education and adoption very seriously. They aim to provide woolgrowers and the wider Australian wool industry with the latest research findings and tools to improve farming processes. Wool Innovation provides internal consultancy services to enable best practice strategies for woolgrowers at the grass root level.

Australia Wool Industry - Role in Fashion & Design

Wool Innovation Australia is working with the fashion design industry, manufacturers and retailers to get more Australian Merino wool into global fashion apparel markets. Wool Innovation has developed a series of marketing platforms based on the improvement of wool products and which address consumer requirements regarding touch, colour, drape, easy care and fit. These improvements feed through to woolgrowers and the Australian wool industry at the most basic levels.

Wool Innovation Australia & Globalise Working Together

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