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Quality Wooden Toys for Babies, Toddlers and Children

Click on the logo to visit the Peanut Gallery wooden toys Australian store for educational and children’s toys in Australia

Peanut Gallery are an Australian specialist in supplying a diverse range of quality childrens toys. Children’s wooden toys are suitable for very young children, from birth through to toddlers and children up to 8 years of age. They are perfect as educational toys for hours of learning and fun.

Phone: 03 9568 3654

Some of the wooden toys available for babies include wooden rattles, mobiles and wooden toys that can be attached to prams. All of these beautifully made educational toys are carefully crafted for girls and boys, giving many hours of enjoyment and entertainment for young children.

Educational Toys Online Store

Many parents are searching for quality toys from an online store that are educational toys at the same time as being entertaining. Blocks, books and activity sets can give children challenges and let them explore at their own pace without the diversions of flashing lights and noises usually found with electronic games.

Traditional wooden toys have proven to be exceptional educational toys for babies and toddlers that both children and their parents will enjoy for years. Shape sorting games and threading toys give hours of entertainment with the children learning new skills whilst enjoying the game.

Childrens Toys and Children’s Gifts

By browsing through the Peanut Gallery for children’s toys, childrens education needs will be easily satisfied with fun wooden toys for all ages. A perfect example of wooden toys for toddlers and young children is the Wonder Farm which is an exquisitely made farm set with animals, the farmer and his wife and many individual pieces to play with friends or by themselves.

Gifts for children can be easily selected from the website because each toy shows the relevant age of child for which it is appropriate. Parents and children will both get pleasure from any of the toys found on the Peanut Gallery website.

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