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Net Starter - Affordable Web Design and Development

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Net Starter is an Australian web design company based in Sydney committed to providing companies with affordable websites including web design and development. If you're looking to set up a website for your business Net Starter can help you with web design, development, website hosting and a range of other services. By introducing website hosting packages at fixed prices Net Starter are redefining the way websites are built and managed. Their website packages include professional web design and development together with advanced functionality. It's easy and affordable to set up your business online with Net Starter.

Website Packages

Net Starter can design a low cost website taking into account all your requirements. Best of all, Net Starter saves you money and you can choose from any of their fixed price website packages. Each website package includes professional web design and development, website hosting, email addresses and accounts, detailed statistics, free domain name registration and content management functionality. Net Starter helps you with the web design and development of all websites whether they are simple, small brochure based websites, online catalogues or ecommerce websites.

Website Hosting

If you're just looking for somewhere to host your website, look no further than Net Starter. If the website is in a HTML, ASP, or ASP.NET format then Net Starter is able to offer you website hosting at competitive rates and various website hosting packages.

Other Website Services

Net Starter offers ongoing maintenance support as well as content population, training and development, computer and network support and discount hardware and software. For all your web requirements including web design and development contact the experts at Net Starter.

Net Starter's Online Marketing Strategy

Globalise have developed an strategy for Net Starter for their web promotion goals, in achieving high ranking on the major Australian search engines. Globalise also manage Net Starter's Pay Per Click advertising campaigns and consult to many of their clients in relation to website optimisation in Sydney and online marketing around Australia. Contact the team at Globalise and see how you can adopt web promotion strategies to increase the visibility of your website.