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Turtle Island Luxury Resort

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This is one of the most romantic getaway tropical islands you could ever visit. Turtle Island offers luxury resort accommodation on your own private island. The 5-star facilities and villas have the been the top destination for honeymoons, wedding, vacations and holidays for many years.

Private Fijian Island

Turtle Island is one of the most luxurious paradise locations on the planet and was the shooting location for the 1980’s classic movie with Brooke Shields and Christopher Atkins, Blue Lagoon. The rich and famous have made this “Island Resort of the Year” their very own over the years. People choose Turtle Island because they deserve the very best in a tropical island paradise with all the luxuries that you could possibly imagine. The experience of staying on this Fijian island is a memory that will stay with you forever.

A very romantic Internet Marketing project

Globalise were engaged to assist this world famous resort to improve their web traffic by managing their pay-per-click campaigns, offering search engine optimization services and overall internet marketing strategic direction. Many internet searches are being conducted every day for fiji islands, romantic getaway, paradise island, wedding locations, honeymoon destinations, luxury resorts and Globalise have successfully attracted more visitors to the web site by implementing some very focused web marketing strategies. Richard Evanson, the owner of this beautiful resort, is keen to invite people from Australia, in particular, to his island as Fiji flights are so cheap, short and accessible.

Make Turtle Island a Once in Lifetime experience

Globalise invites you to visit their website and decide whether you want to spoil yourself for your honeymoon, wedding, anniversary, getaway, holiday or annual vacation. Visit the website of Turtle Island