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Total Girl - The Greatest Magazine For Girls

Total Girl is a bright and colourful magazine for girls jam packed with articles and information on movies, DVDs, parties, quizzes, celebrities and much more. Each issue contains articles especially written for pre teen girls with fun recipes, party hints, fashions and competitions, designed to keep pre teen girls interested and motivated. In this mag for girls, you'll find everything cool from celebrity interviews to movie and DVD reviews.

Total Girl is like having a best friend in a magazine promoting girl power and individualism. The Total Girl website is also careful to ensure internet safety for children. You can feel comfortable allowing your child access to this fun website.

Total Girl Making a Mag for Girls

The team at Total Girl are dedicated to making Total Girl the number one magazine for girls. Appealing directly to pre teen girls (no boys allowed), Total Girl is written in the language of Australian and New Zealand girls, with a snappy design and cool colours. All the team at Total Girl enjoy the responsibility of producing a cool magazine for girls.

Total Girl - The Coolest Website Ever

www.totalgirl.com.au is the coolest website ever for girls. While Total Girl the magazine for girls is only issued once a month, the Total Girl website can be accessed at any time. With fun quizzes, games, competitions and cool stuff to read, your child can also meet the team who produce this great mag for girls. Best of all, your child can even let the Total Girl team know what they want to read in the next issues!

For all the latest trends, fave stars, ideas, gossip, tips and advice written just for girls in Australia and New Zealand, read or subscribe to Total Girl, the greatest magazine for girls ever.