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Distance Learning and Correspondence Schools

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Thomson Education Direct are the leaders in the provision of distance training for students requiring the facility of distance learning to help enhance their future career prospects. The freedom of home learning by correspondence gives the student access to correspondence schools that are well suited to the subjects they wish to study.

Providing one of the most effective methods of studying, home learning gives the student the freedom of choosing the most appropriate subjects and certificates so as to enhance their future careers. Subjects are available in faculties that teach Child Care, Hospitality, Trade Skills, Computer Studies and IT Courses, Creative Arts, Counselling and Animal Care.

Home Learning

Students are able to enrol in home learning courses through correspondence schools like the Australian College of Business Marketing which provides courses in business administration, accounting and human resources. There are also distance learning courses in financial subjects, marketing, events management and small business management.

The Australian College of Journalism cover subjects such as creative writing, freelance journalism, proofreading, travel and sport writing together with photography and professional writing courses.

Business Courses by Correspondence

Distance learning through correspondence schools provides education facilities that are as accessible as possible so that students can acquire the necessary skills through home training, giving them the flexibility to decide when and how they study.

Home learning enables students to study in their own home, contacting the distance learning correspondence schools where necessary, and being able to study more effectively. The Australian College of Travel and Tourism offers certificate courses in travel and tourism, with the compulsory requirement of workplace training so that they attain vital practical experience of the industry at a competent level.

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