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Southern Cross Sea Planes

Link to web site: www.southerncrossseaplanes.com.au

Southern Cross Sea Planes specialise in unique packages that can provide absolute luxury. By combining spectacular seaplane scenic flights with a sumptuous meal or luxury accommodation in at spectacular locations, the experience can be a perfect gift for any special occasion.

The highly qualified pilots for Southern Cross Sea Planes will provide passengers with intriguing local knowledge as the scenic flights navigate over Sydney, sightseeing the beautiful waterways and views.

Sightseeing with a Difference

Southern Cross Sea Planes can offer memorable scenic flights, delivering a unique experience of exceptional sightseeing. A seaplane flight can showcase the stunning Sydney beaches and magical hidden waterways.

Sydney sightseeing starts once the Sydney sea planes take off from Rose Bay, enabling passengers to witness the sublime aerial views of Sydney and the National Park.

Experienced Pilots

Southern Cross Sea Planes experienced pilots will show guests Sydney sightseeing with a difference on a magical flight over Sydney.

Southern Cross Sea Planes can provide a wide range of scenic flights, from an idyllic lunch on a private beach to exquisite dining or indulgent accommodation at retreats in tranquil settings like Jonah's, Cottage Point Inn or Peats Bite.

Sydney Highlights

Swoop over the many icons around Sydney Harbour, or along the glorious beaches and coastline, scenic flights in a seaplane can provide a stunning showcase of the wonders of Sydney. Sea planes give a unique Sydney sightseeing experience piloted by highly experienced and knowledgeable pilots.

Guests can take scenic flights over Sydney with Southern Cross Sea Planes to enjoy Sydney sightseeing from a different perspective. Indulge in a dining or accommodation package where the Sydney sea planes will take a beautiful journey across the National Park, and then softly glide in to Peats Bite, Cottage Point Inn or Jonah's for a leisurely lunch or overnight stay by the water.

Perfect Gift - Indulge in Luxury

Southern Cross Sea Planes can provide guests with the most experienced & knowledgeable pilots for amazing scenic flights over Sydney. Sea Planes are a great opportunity for sightseeing Sydney in a very unusual way and be an ideal gift for any occasion.

Offering awe-inspiring scenic flights over Sydney, sea planes can provide unique Sydney sightseeing. With a range of luxury experiences for sightseeing, dining or accommodation around Sydney, combined with a magical journey on a Beaver sea plane, the opportunity is not to be missed.

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