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Things to do in Sydney - Museums

Link to web site: www.sydneyjewishmuseum.com.au

The Sydney Jewish Museum is dedicated to documenting and teaching the history of the Holocaust so that these events will never be repeated. This Sydney Museum has exhibitions on display that serve as a witness to the Holocaust and stand as a permanent memorial to the 6 million martyred Jews as well as millions of non-Jewish victims.

With permanent and travelling exhibitions of the Holocaust, tours at Sydney Jewish Museum can provide thousands of visitors with an overview of the best and worst of humanity.

Holocaust Museums - Sydney

This exceptional Sydney museum's exhibitions will provide visitors with the opportunity to learn history first hand from volunteer guides, most of which are Holocaust survivors. The exhibitions enable visitors to get a better understanding of the affects of the Holocaust by allowing them to meet those who were involved.

Being one of the most invaluable museums in Sydney, tours of the Holocaust exhibitions are highly informative for a diverse range of interest groups. Volunteer guides, many being survivors of the Holocaust themselves, add a personal dimension to the museum's Sydney tours.

Sydney Tours

As one of the most inspiring museums in Sydney, group tours with volunteer guides tell the stories of the Holocaust and the history of the Jewish community of Sydney. Tours are facilitated by volunteers who can give a personal perspective on the experience.

The Sydney Jewish Museum's exhibitions tell the history of the Jewish people, the atrocities of the Holocaust and the history of Jewish life in Australia.

Sydney Museums - Educational Resources

The Sydney Jewish Museum offers wide range of unique educational opportunities of the history of holocaust. Guided tours of Sydney Jewish Museum are available for school excursions, group bookings and the general public. The Sydney Jewish Museum teaches racial tolerance to ensure that the evils of the Holocaust are never repeated.

Sydney Jewish Museum tours in Sydney will fascinate visitors as much by the story itself, as by the way it is told. This extraordinary Sydney museum's compelling exhibits of the Holocaust will give visitors a unique learning opportunity.

Museum's in Sydney - Holocaust History

The Sydney Jewish Museum is one of the world's most impressive Jewish Museum's and documents varying experiences of the Holocaust.

Many who visit these impelling Holocaust exhibitions & tours at Sydney Jewish Museum find a visit to be a truly remarkable and moving testimony of a period in time which should never be forgotten.

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