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Sunline Press was established so as to provide opportunities for Australian poets to have their works published in small elegant hardback books and available to the general public through good bookstores. Sunline Press was created by Roland Leach, an award winning poet who has won numerous prestigious awards for his innovative writings.

By offering high quality books, Sunline Press can provide the market with good quality poetry that can be enjoyed over the years. Poetry books can provide enjoyment to readers of all ages, and these books can become treasured additions to any book lovers collection.

Literature & Poetry in School Texts

Users of the Sunline website will also find extensive research notes and study ideas for different literature and poetry currently being studied in Australian schools. The website enables students to enhance their researching by looking into the texts being used in Year 9, Year 10 and Year 11.

These texts include Tolkien's "Lord of the Rings", Syliva Plath's "Daddy" and Jonathan Holden's "Tumbleweed". Students will be challenged to look into the meanings behind the printed word and looking into underlying interpretations.

Australian Poetry and Literature

The love of literature and an interest in Australian poets and writers is something that Sunline Press wishes to nurture with a variety of types of readers. Books that are currently being published by Sunline Press are "Drowning Ophelia" by Roland Leach himself, "Whispering Gallery" by Andrew Burke and Denis McMahon's "Idle & Drunk in Heaven".

The Sunline Press website has detailed interpretations of the above books and others including "Arcardia", "The English Patient", "The Tempest" and a number of Australian poets. The website gives students and lovers of poetry a good insight into some of the finest poetry being produced in Australia or being currently studied in the current Australian school syllabus.

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