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Skimax - Skiing and Snowboarding Specialists

Visit the web site: www.skimax.com.au

Australia's leading ski resort holiday specialist, Skimax, provides a comprehensive website for snow skiing and snowboarding holidays. Customers will find a information to help plan the perfect snow skiing or snowboarding trip.

Customers can find details on airfares and car hire which can also be organized through the Skimax website. The website is a great reference guide for snow skiing or snowboarding in countries all over the world.

Quality Skiing For All Needs

The Skimax website offers detailed information on quality ski resort accommodation at locations in Australia, NZ, USA, Canada, Japan, Europe and South America. Browse the Skimax website for information on accommodation resorts, maps, ski area and travel needs.

Skimax offers some of the most cost effective holiday packages for snowboarding and skiing all over the world. Experienced staff are able to advise travellers on the most suitable ski resort and location.

Amazing Ski Resorts

Australian ski resorts for snowboarding can be found at Thredbo, Mount Buller, Falls Creek and Perisher Blue. New Zealand ski resorts can be found at Wanaka, Queenstown and Mount Hutt.

Europe can provide a range of snow skiing and snowboarding opportunities. Skiing or snowboarding the alps of Austria, Italy or France can be combined with quality ski resort accommodation.

Ski Deals

Skimax can offer ski packages at world renowned snow skiing and snowboarding resorts in Canada such as Aspen or Whistler. The United States has a many choices including Aspen, Snowmass and Vail.

Snow skiing and snowboarding in Japan can offer the experienced skier fabulous opportunities. Ski Japan and skiers can combine great skiing with the diverse culture of the country.

Experience Snowboarding Adventures

The specialists at Skimax can help you specialists at Skimax help skiers find a snowboarding and snow skiing packages which best suits their needs for a snowboarding holiday. Browse the website to locate a ski resort that matches any snowboarding and skiing budget.

Skimax gives holidaymakers the tools for finding a ski resort anywhere in the world that can offer stunning snowboarding and snow skiing. They ensure that staff members have experienced each snowboarding ski resort available on the website.

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