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SA Skydiving - The Ultimate Extreme Sport

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SA Skydiving can help you experience the ultimate extreme sport and what's more you'll be skydiving in Adelaide one of the most beautiful sky diving locations in Australia. SA skydiving operates in a friendly club atmosphere near Monarto which is 58 km from Adelaide. As you descend from your skydive SA, you'll have spectacular views of the Adelaide Hills, the River Murray and the Fleurieu Peninsula. Skydiving SA really is the ultimate extreme sport for thrill seekers and adventure junkies. SA skydiving runs a professional training organisation, which has over 25 years of sky diving experience. Skydiving SA offer training courses, in both free fall and tandem skydiving jumps. Safety standards are stringently met at all times and every piece of equipment is fitted with safety back up opening devices.

South Australia Skydiving - Tandem or Free Fall Training

If you're interested in finding out more about South Australia skydiving, SA Skydiving invites you to come out to the drop zone where you can talk to experienced instructors, watch people skydiving SA, and learn more about tandem or free fall skydiving. SA Skydiving offers professional training courses in both tandem (as a first step) and free fall jumping (a nine stage programme including 10 skydiving jumps). Highly trained instructors who have specialised in free fall skydiving SA, mean that you receive personalised training in this extreme sport.

Skydiving SA Safety First

Every safety precaution is taken for every jump made. SA Skydiving have their own aircraft fitted with in flight door and step and hand rail. The latest rectangular parachutes are used and have automatic openers fitted as back ups. While skydiving is a thrilling extreme sport, safety is paramount to the success of SA Skydiving.

SA Skydiving - Online Marketing Strategy

SA Skydiving, together with Globalise, have implemented marketing strategies to increase online traffic to SA Skydiving's website through search engine promotion strategies. By identifying key search terms, Globalise made recommendations and have significantly increased SA Skydiving's online business.