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Sterling Silver Jewellery with Soul from Ravish Designs

Welcome to Ravish Designs - a place where you can browse through unique sterling silver jewellery that has been hand picked for our collection, designed by Israeli artists and imported from Israel for your pleasure. Our jewellery is all 925 sterling silver quality. Our watches are beautifully crafted with unique designs. Swirls, raised numerals uneven shapes & flowers with semi precious stones such as pearls, garnets, onyx, carnelian, opal and many more. They are comfortable to wear and present magnificently with that special outfit. Necklaces,chokers, pendants and bracelets highlight the different design approaches of the various manufacturers. Thoughtfully displayed with various snake chains, twisted silver and flattened links. The pendants are of all shapes and sizes with occasional displays of gold & gold filled beads, flowers, pomegranates, hamsas and a wealth of unusual patterns and designs. Semi-precious stones like pearls, garnets, amethysts & opals are positioned thoughtfully throughout the pieces. Find the earrings to match and you have an unbeatable combination of style and unique design that you only get from the middle east. Some of our most admired pieces are our Rings as they embrace your fingers. Thick and thin bands in a wide range of sizes and styles. See the quality in every piece as the different styles of each supplier are on display. Thinly battered silver or solid and chunky. Mottled or a plain smooth look. Simple or elegant, colourful or understated, you'll find a piece to please all at the most reasonable of prices.

Yemenite Jewellery

In Yemen , a person who wanted a piece of jewelry would give five silver coins to the silversmith. Three coins were melted for the jewel itself and the two other coins were the jeweler.s fee. After two days of preparing the silver into threads and small silver domes, the jewelry was crafted in another day. .Our 9th generation yemenite designer is still using ancient methods to make jewelry, maybe more advanced than his grandfather.s, but not very modern..
Look at some of his magnificent Judaica - silver wine goblets and candlesticks.