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McKenzie Consulting – Recruitment, Performance Management

McKenzie Consulting has a long history of servicing businesses with their executive recruitment and human resources functions. By acknowledging the importance of human resources, companies are able to effectively utilise their existing staff as well as recruit for executives and other key members of staff. McKenzie Consulting focuses on the following four important areas; Attracting new people and executive recruitment, staff retention, staff and personal development including performance management, appraisals and team building and stretching and enriching performance.

The Key To Performance Management

One of the most valuable human resources interventions is performance management, which means making the most of the talents of each and every staff member. Performance management and staff development mostly occurs on the job, so it’s critical businesses address ways in which staff can be constantly challenged, monitored and assessed. Executive Recruitment allows you to employ talented people to add to the mix to continuously work to improve your profits.

Psychometric Testing & Executive Recruitment

Selecting the right talent to join your organisation is a challenging exercise and McKenzie Consulting are there to help you every step of the way. In order to minimise the risk of employing an unsuitable candidate they recommend you do not allow major human resource decisions to be based on the results of a single assessment technique. Executive recruitment should be based on structured interviews, psychometric testing, learning agility, cognitive ability and personality measures. Psychometric testing gives you a good idea of who will climb to the highest levels, using on the job experience to improve and increase profitability.

McKenzie Consulting Implementing An Online Marketing Strategy

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