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Pergolas for Car Awnings

Design and build quality pergolas or an innovative carport design to renovate any type of home or new construction.

Pergolas with a protective awning are becoming the standard when thinking of the Australian lifestyle of outdoor living and entertaining. Building pergolas out of wood or colorbond, a pergola can add an extra room to your home with the addition of one of our gazebos or pergolas with an awning.

Pergolas and Awning Design for Outdoor Entertaining

Adding an awning over a pergola enables the customer to get extra entertaining area without too many concerns about the weather. An awning of any shape can be made up of carbolite which is a translucent polycarbonate sheet which can withstand the harsh Australian climate as well as being UV protective.

This type of awning assists pergolas to last longer than the standard awning made of fabric as they will not fade or erode in quality, thereby making them very cost effective. Customers can chose pergolas with an awning of any kind, whether it is the traditional style of bullnosed awning, a modern design or a conventional flat style awning.

Carport Design

An awning will help to protect vehicles from Australian climate, therefore a carport design can be built to suit your particular requirements.

A carport design can be created to match any style of house and the carport design can incorporate the architectural features already used in the design of the home. The carport or pergolas should be designed so as it enhances the look of the house and gives convenience together with style.

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