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Impact Media - Outdoor Advertising campaigns


Vist the web site of Impact Media: www.impactmedia.com.au

Impact Media offers a high impact mobile approach to outdoor advertising. Our mobile billboard vehicles have been chosen for their unique accessibility together with their chic urban appeal.

Brand Outdoor Advertising

Let our professional Sales Promotions Team show off your brand with outdoor advertising in the best possible light. Distribute promotional sampling, and these potential customers will soon be talking about your products.

Premium Advertising Placement

Create a visual spectacle with a mobile billboard on the back of a BMW Mini or Italian Scooter. Together with promotional sampling, our team generates positive publicity and effective sales promotions where most effective!

Target Markets

Promotional sampling is made easy when targeted to key audiences. Our eye catching mobile billboard vehicles and charismatic staff, plus your product as a sample, will definitely get the consumer's attention.

Mobile Billboard - Cost-Effective Advertising

Impact Media can address your campaign with the most suitable outdoor advertising vehicle. A mobile billboard can turn even the most crowded street into a canvas.

Anywhere - Anytime

Impact Media has a database of cultural events which can be easily targeted for outdoor advertising. Concentrate your outdoor advertising campaign at such cultural and sporting events.

Focus on retail strips during peak shopping periods with a strategically parked mobile billboard. Your outdoor advertising will be seen by people whilst they are making buying decisions.

Outdoor Advertising with impact

When using the BMW Mini Coopers or Scooters for outdoor advertising, they look best when travelling in convoys. Miniscoots are a high impact and low cost way of outdoor advertising. They can travel long distances whilst carrying promotional sampling.

With bright, highly visible signage on the mobile billboard and our chic fleet of vehicles, we can bring your message to the masses. Impact Media provides cost-effective outdoor advertising by using a mobile billboard, together with promotional sampling.

Promotrucks with impact

Wrapped vehicles create huge impact with eye catching wrapped vehicles. The mobile billboard can be scrolled through multiple sequences while parked and promotional sampling can be stored on board.

Sales promotions using a mobile billboard

Promotional sampling can be used as part of the campaign to get potential customers excited and talking. By using a mobile billboard our vehicles can target multiple areas within a given period.

Our professional team will generate interactivity and great publicity for your brand by the use of promotional sampling.

Online Marketing Strategy

Impact Media and Globalise have teamed up to increase the number of website visitors to the Impact Media site. Globalise have set up a pay per click campaign on Google and are now target the internet search terms that will bring target traffic to the Impact Media website. If you are looking for a website optimisation company in Sydney contact the team at Globalise to discuss similar internet marketing strategies for your business.