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Mobile Instant Messenger

Link to web site: www.mobipowered.com

As providers of quality solutions for cell phone IM users, MobiPowered offer the products of MobiChat and MobiPod. Users of both mobile Yahoo and mobile MSN networks can get the benefits of cheaper communication capabilities by using MobiChat.

As a cheaper alternative to SMS and telephone calls, the mobile instant messenger offered by MobiPowered can save users considerable money. With subscriptions over a number of periods, cheaper cell phone instant messaging is available to mobile Yahoo and mobile MSN users immediately.

Mobile MSN Users

Have the capability of being able to have mobile MSN connectivity with all the features the user would have if connecting through their PC mobile Yahoo connection at home or work. Connecting with their friends can be done no matter where they are, give other users instant connection at any time you wish to be online.

As a current mobile MSN user, the features the user is comfortable with on their computer are still available on the mobile phone. The contacts list is from the same account they use currently on their PC so there is no need for duplicating all the contacts required.

Mobile Yahoo Networks

MobiPowered is compatible for users using mobile Yahoo accounts and a number of other portal networks. The cell phone MSN user can connect to their friends with MobiChat instant messaging with the same features such as seeing a number of conversations at once and being able to use emoticons where necessary.

Connecting with friends with cell phone IM has never been so easy and affordable for mobile phone users. Instant messaging is one of standard practices of modern day life, and the affordability of chatting to friends is very important.

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