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Mission Beach Accommodation

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Missin Beack is the premier family holiday resort located on pristine white sands of Northern Queensland. They have taken into consideration everything you need and desire in a holiday - privacy if you want it, games and activities for the kids, pools, diving, cruises, tours, deepsea fishing, skydiving.... and of course breathtaking beauty.

Mission Beach is situated across from beautiful Dunk Island in the Great Barrier Reef, two hours south of Cairns .

Your Mission Beach Resort

Mission Beach is situated to take full advantage of its surroundings. Nestled between the city centres of Cairns and Townsville in Australia's tropical north, you have access to some of the most incredible rainforest habitat in the world.

Mission Beach itself is 14km long and we offer a wide range of attractions for all ages and levels of fitness. For example, paragliding and kayaking are two of the most popular activities on the Beach. And so is lazying about!

Family Friendly Queensland Accommodation

Mission Beach Resorts are some of the most family-friendly resorts in Australia. They cater fully for families with kids of all ages. Our pool is friendly and safe, with plenty of pool toys and games to play. Indoor boardgames for kids and adults, DVD's and lots of other amusements keep the kids and parents happy and busy.

Mission Beach is the perfect holiday destination.