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Cost Effective Marketing Strategy From NapkinAd

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NapkinAd have developed a new and effective marketing strategy for businesses today. With growing competition and a more technologically savvy market, NapkinAd offer a unique and creative medium for product promotion and business advertising. It's brilliantly simple and will put your business in touch with thousands of key decision makers, each day for a fraction of what you might expect to pay. This is business branding at its highest level. Advertising in shopping centre food courts means you access consumers when they are making purchasing decisions. What's more, by business advertising on napkins you have people walking, talking and holding your advertisement throughout the shopping centre and beyond. What more can you ask from a marketing strategy?

Product Promotion & Business Advertising

NapkinAd work towards creating product promotion relevant to your business, but are equally happy to integrate their napkin business advertising within the framework of a corporate marketing strategy. From artwork, design, napkin stand to daily maintenance, the team at NapkinAd ensure your marketing strategy and business advertising runs smoothly. Business advertising on napkins and serviettes is an effective way to reach more people than you've ever dreamed of. Research has shown that shopping centres are locations where over 70% of purchasing decisions are made. With a constant flow of consumers through the doors every day, product promotion on a serviette makes good business sense.

Business Advertising In Sydney Shopping Centres

Together with NapkinAd, you'll have access to two of the busiest shopping centres in Sydney Chatswood Chase and Marrickville Metro. These centres attract over 600,000 customers through the doors each month most earning more than the average yearly income. When you plan a product promotion in the food halls of these centres you're talking directly to key decision makers ready and willing to make a purchasing decision.

NapkinAd help you with product promotion, business advertising and marketing strategy. Increase the visibility of your business and utilise this new medium of advertising space.

Search Engine Optimisation With NapkinAd

Globalise were engaged to optimise the website of NapkinAd to ensure that when people searched on search engines such as Google, Yahoo and MSN the NapkinAd website appeared in the top search results. By using search engine optimisation and online marketing strategies, NapkinAd increased the online visibility of their website. Contact the website optimisation team at Globalise and see for yourself how online marketing can benefit your company.