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Luxury Car Rental

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Link to web site: www.luxurycarhire.com.au

Luxury Car Hire provide classic rental cars for any occasion. Quality, sports car rental and classic rental cars for hire for that special event in life. With over 60 cars in the fleet Luxury Car Hire offer the broadest range of luxury wedding car hire in Sydney.

Luxury Car Hire is the perfect website for customers who are looking for sports car rental or classic rental cars to surprise someone on their birthday. Classic rental cars are a great way to celebrate a milestone wedding anniversary, a special event or for wedding car hire to make for a special wedding day.

Sports Car Rental

Luxury Car Hire offer a wide variety of sports cars for hire for a most pleasurable way to travel. Sports car rental can make a weekend away an amazing experience - a magical trip to remember.

Does there need to be a reason to indulge oneself with luxury car rental? There is nothing more exhilarating than the thrill of driving a magnificent sports car rental.

Organising a special event by renting a luxury car rental will be the best decision. Choose from an extensive range of classic rental cars including convertibles from Porsches, Mercedes, BMWs, and many more.

Wedding Car Hire

When searching for that special something for wedding car hire, Luxury Car Hire offer a great selection of wedding cars for hire, to make the day totally memorable.

Offering a variety of superb wedding packages for wedding car hire, including the White Wedding Package and the Silver Wedding Package. As part of these packages customers also get to choose between the self-drive or the driver-included options.


Luxury Car Hire have a Free Car Club where registered luxury car rental customers can benefit from special offers, promotions and give-aways.

They are currently offering a Luxury Car Ride Day where customers get a chance to drive their fantasy car. They could get to drive a Mercedes, Porsche, BMW, Alfa Spider or Z3 around the Sydney area and beyond.

Hiring an amazing luxury car for a day, a weekend or a as long as necessary, can be the most exhilarating experience to enjoy. Rent a luxury car from the specialists who can offer the best deals on luxury car rental in Sydney.

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