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Kindermusik - Australia & New Zealand

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Kindermusik holds the philosophy that the home offers the most strategic learning environment in early childhood. Music can enhance many different areas of child development.

Kindermusik is a dedicated learning and movement program based on early childhood music for kids. Kindermusik provides a learning environment of kids music based on the belief that every child is musical.

Parental Involvement

Kindermusik Distribution Australia/New Zealand is dedicated to bringing the benefits of their music for kids program to many young children through the encouragement of parents and schools.

Kindermusik lessons are facilitated by qualified educators who can share the importance of kids music with the parents. These concepts in kids music that are learned in a Kindermusik lesson can then be applied again at home, sharing the experience with siblings and friends.

Specialist Expertise

Kindermusik's proven practice for kids music education is based on the principles of many early childhood music experts. Many respected experts in the field of early childhood music development are involved in the development of the Kindermusik music for kids program.

Kindermusik incorporates the knowledge of movement specialists, paediatric psychologists and many others to help enhance the varied early childhood music programs.

Child Development

The intrinsic belief of Kindermusik is that learning music for kids is more than just the learning of a musical talent. Research has proven that early childhood music for kids can be a powerful catalyst for many areas of child development.

Kids music lessons are designed to help all types of kids to achieve particular targets in their development and learning through varied activities and songs. Lessons work around interactive kids music and move at the appropriate pace for each age group, giving kids the time to reflect on what they are learning, engage in the activity and interact with the group.

Music enhances Child Development

Research has proven that early childhood music for kids nurtures many areas of a child's development. Kids music can enhance a child's emotional development, nurture how to interact with others together with speech and auditory development.

Kindermusik is commited to sharing the benefits of our kids music program to all young children through the encouragement of parents teachers.

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