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K-zone - The Best Magazine For Kids Ever

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K-zone is a bright kid's magazine filled with fun and cool activities for children and kids of all ages in Australia and New Zealand. Each issue contains articles especially written for kids, including fun activities, party ideas, quizzes, movie information, games, posters and competitions. This magazine for kids has been designed especially for children, ready to keep them reading and interested for hours on end.

K-zone, the best magazine for kids, is like having a friend in a magazine. With a cool website, K-zone provides a safe place for kids to visit, with cool features, games and downloads for every child. The team at K-zone work hard to ensure internet safety for your child and you can feel comfortable in allowing your child to access this fun, colourful website.

K-zone Making a Magazine For Kids

The team at K-zone are dedicated to making this magazine for kids the number one magazine for children in Australia and New Zealand. Appealing directly to young boys and girls, K-zone is written in their language with a sharp design and cool colours. Kids will find all their favourite cartoons, characters, movies and heroes. Best of all they'll love reading and learning at the same time.

K-zone Not Only a Magazine For Kids - A Cool Website Too

www.kzone.com.au is the coolest website ever for kids. While K-zone the magazine for kids is only issued once a month, the Kzone website can be accessed anytime. With fun quizzes, games, competitions and cool stuff to read, your child can spend time in a safe and stimulating environment.

K-zone - Online Marketing Strategy

K-zone engaged Globalise to work on increasing online traffic to their website using marketing and search engine optimisation strategies. Globalise in conjunction with K-zone identified key search terms for their website and used these to create and implement a specific online marketing strategy. Contact Globalise and see how your website can benefit from online marketing and search engine optimization strategies.