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InsuranceLine - Insurance for Everybody

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InsuranceLine Pty Limited offers affordable, simple, commonsense life insurance and other general policies for everybody. Each life insurance policy and funeral plan has been designed by InsuranceLine specifically with the customer in mind and is easy to understand and affordable. InsuranceLine offer policies for illness, accidents and pet health.

Life Insurance Policy

InsuranceLine understands that having a life insurance policy means reassurance and peace of mind. Coping with a death in the family is very difficult at any time, however a term life insurance policy can help ease the financial pressure and burden. The Life Insurance Plan is a term life assurance policy to help a family cope with ongoing living expenses following the death of an income earner, such as the mortgage or rent, debts and ongoing bills such as school fees.

Funeral Plan

The Funeral Plan designed by InsuranceLine is not technically funeral insurance. This Funeral Plan means that the money paid in a claim can be used for other purposes related to funeral planning including bills and other final expenses and particularly relates to pre-paid funerals.

Insurance Policies For The Over 55s

The Insurance Plan for over 55s is a whole of life policy aimed at the senior and pensioner markets. With a premium that does not increase as you get older, and a surrender value or cash-in value, meaning that you may get some money back if you cancel the policy at a later stage. This insurance policy really offers peace of mind.

Illness, Accident, Pet Health Policies

InsuranceLine can help you with other more general insurance policies such as the Major Illness Plan, a trauma insurance policy to help you carry on with life financially following the diagnosis of a major illness including cancer, heart attack, stroke, coronary artery bypass, paralysis and permanent incapacity. Accident Insurance Plus is a policy that provides financial compensation in the event of an accidental injury. Pet Health Plan helps reimburse some of the cost of eligible veterinary expenses for cats and dogs.

Online Marketing Strategy - InsuranceLine

InsuranceLine engaged Globalise to increase their website's online traffic via search engines such as Google Australia and New Zealand, and NineMSN and Xtramsn in NZ. The team at Globalise optimised their website to increase the visibility for key search terms. Contact the team at Globalise and see how you can adopt online marketing strategies to increase the visibility of your website.