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Image Data Recovery Experts

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Data Recovery - Melbourne Location

The professional technicians at Image Data Recovery are experienced in data recovery for hard disks, tape backup systems, RAID or flash cards. Customers can book their equipment in for service with Image Data Recovery Melbourne for a number of types of repair or data recovery services.

The Laptop Recovery Centre are able to analyse the problems with the customer's equipment and will diagnose an appropriate fix to the malfunction. The customer is always in control of what time frame the repairs or recovery on tapes, hard disks or any type of media will take because they determine what level of service they require.

Hard Disk Repairs & Recovery

The highly trained data recovery services technicians at Image Data's service centre have a high rate of success with recovering lost data from many types of media. As long as the technician are fully aware of any previous attempts to recover data, what procedures may have already been done, what data may have been lost and any important documents to recover they can then try and find the most appropriate solution.

Clients are very anxious when it is necessary for a technician to diagnose a hard disk repair or attempt to recover data from a malfunctioning or failed drive. Backups are imperative, but when it looks like the total contents of a hard drive have been lost it is of great concern.

Data Recovery Services

As experts in data recovery, Melbourne based Image Data Recovery can assign an experienced technician to fixing any type of problem with a wide range of media types. The client is assured of efficient service, with the technician at the data recovery service centre reporting back to them with a solution to their hard disk recovery or repair needs.

Many users will book their equipment in for service by using the website's online "book-in" forms where they can clearly state the problems with the equipment. They will then drop the hard disk repair or tape backup equipment into the Image Data Recovery Melbourne offices for service.

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