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Houseboat hire on the Murray River

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Unforgettable Houseboat hire on the Murray River, South Australia has a fleet of luxury houseboats equipped with all the necessary features to enjoy a leisurely cruise down one Australia’s longest flowing river.

Houseboats Mannum, South Australia

One of the few spots along the South Australian section of the Murray is Mannum where you can pick up a houseboat rental. This is where Unforgettable base their house boats. Hiring a houseboat is one of the easiest things to do, and is a favourite amongst travel savvy people. Where else you can tour the unique beauty of Australia’s Murray River and do so in absolute luxury.

Houseboat Hire Murray River South Australia houseboats rentals

Unforgettable Houseboats, “as seen on TV”

The beautiful house boat fleet has already been previewed on a number of television travel programs and their business has won a couple of travel awards including a South Australian Tourism Award.

Murray River Houseboats

Make sure you visit the Unforgettable Houseboats website and take the 360 degree tour of these luxurious boats. The cruising speed of 8km/h or 5mph is very safe and you can stop and tour along the way taking in a Barossa Valley Wine Tour, Bowhill, Walker Flat, Swan Reach and Purnong.

Houseboat Rentals in Australia

Australia offers many river systems that can be explored and enjoyed by houseboat. Rentals range from small single story houseboats to 2 or 3 storey craft with 6 bedrooms and a jacuzzi (a.k.a. spa bath). Most people rent for 7 days and take the time to fish, swim, relax and stop and visit towns or regions along the way. The Australian river systems were one of the first ways that Australia opened up and became settled outside of Sydney and Melbourne so history is only a step away when mooring in one of the small towns along the way.

Internet Marketing and Search Engine Optimization for Travel

Globalise were engaged in 2003 to optimize the Unforgettable Houseboats website to ensure that when people searched on Google, Yahoo and MSN that their website appeared in the top of the search results, especially for the search terms:

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They have continued to hold a number 1 ranking or Top 5 ranking for many of these terms and after the first 3 month project and training, Mark and Lee-Anne Flanagan, the Unforgettable Houseboats’ Managers will attest to the value that the search engines bring to their business and that email, phone and website enquiries are a constant flow of leads that convert in to houseboat bookings and sales.

Visit the website of Unforgettable Houseboats here and start planning your Murray River houseboat holiday or vacation to remember.