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Bernie Lewis Home Loan

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Bernie Lewis offer home loan and home finance solutions for every situation, whether you're buying your first home, upgrading, renovating or purchasing an investment property. The specialists at Bernie Lewis will take into account your individual requirements and offer you a range of suitable home loan, mortgage and home finance options.

Low Cost Mortgage and Home Finance

Purchasing a property or changing an existing home loan can be a difficult, stressful and expensive time. Home loan, mortgage and home finance advice from Bernie Lewis however, comes to you free of charge and is available seven days a week at a time convenient to you. While Bernie Lewis is located in South Australia where over 40 mortgage consultants are able to personally visit your home or place of work, our service is available online wherever you are in Australia.

Australia's Independent Mortgage Broker

Bernie Lewis is an independently owned home loan originator and mortgage broker. Home loan, mortgage and home finance advice comes to you from a pool of over 400 different home loan products and from 30 different financiers including banks, building societies, credit unions, friendly societies and non bank lenders. With Bernie Lewis you can feel secure that your individual requirements have been taken into account and you've been offered the most suitable home loan, mortgage or home finance solution.

Online Marketing Strategy

Bernie Lewis engaged Globalise to increase their online strategies via search engines such as Google, Yahoo, MSN and Sensis. The team at Globalise optimised the website to increase the visibility of Bernie Lewis for their key search terms. Contact the team at Globalise and see how you can increase the visibility of your website and adopt similar strategies for your business.