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Living Valley Springs - A Caring Health Retreat

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Living Valley Springs is not just a caring health retreat Australia, it is also a health care program and way of life developed in the United States. At this health retreat Australia, your health will be assessed and you will be set on the path to well being and longevity for the rest of your life. The staff at Living Valley Springs do not just address medical issues, they also offer advice on personal development and physical and emotional spiritual healing. Every treatment is specially developed to suit your individual needs, from the cleansing and detox program, to massage, lectures on nutrition and lifestyle, exercise and delicious meals.

This caring health retreat Australia is located in Queensland in the small town of Kin Kin and is set on 160 acres. Offering a peaceful sanctuary you will be impressed by the beautiful flora, views and wildlife of this health retreat. At this Australia health spa it is possible to relax and unwind and unravel the complexities that have existed in your life.

Australia Health Spa Taking a Holistic Approach

Living Valley Springs, an Australian health spa has a number of packages available, ranging from a 10 day cleansing and detox programme to special programs which run for extended periods for serious health issues or shorter programs, subject to room availability. Throughout the year special events such as the popular Women's Retreat are held at this health spa and retreat.

Australia Health Spa Accommodation and Well Being Packages

This ultimate health retreat Australia looks after you from the moment you arrive, with a personal health consultation. This is the ideal forum to discuss your dental, spinal, hormonal, respiratory, emotional health and medication and begin you on the path to well being. Our cleansing and detox program is individually monitored and exercise levels monitored throughout your stay. You are sure to enjoy your stay at this genuine Australia health spa.

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