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Hamilton Island Apartments

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Whitsunday Holidays have an extensive range of apartments to satisfy anyone’s Hamilton Island accommodation needs. They have a range of apartments from 2 bedrooms, 3 bedrooms, and 4 bedrooms. The Whitsunday Islands offer you a variety of experiences from sheer adrenalin rush activities to peaceful relaxing moments that never end.

Whitsunday Islands Accommodation

The range of Whitsunday accomodation is all 5-star luxury apartments. With the magnificent backdrop of the Whitsunday Islands and Australia’s Great Barrier Reef coupled with the mild climate really sets Hamilton Island amongst one of the top travel destinations in Australia and the world.

Yacht Charter and Bareboat Whitsundays

A popular activity in the Whitsundays is yacht charter or bareboat rentals. Let a captain chart your course and be taken care of with a fully crewed boat, yacht or catamaran or bareboat it and go your own way. The Whitsundays is a renowned world wide destination to sail or power your way around and enjoy Australia’s Great Barrier Reef. The diving, snorkelling and fishing are magnificent and the private beaches and alcoves are never ending.

Whitsunday Holidays encourage you to bareboat one of the yachts, catamarans or motor cruisers. You receive a complimentary 4 hour course on how to manage and maintain your vessel so go ahead and rent your own boat. What a romantic getaway. Can you imagine it?

Globalise are sending you to the Whitsunday Islands

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Globalise focused on search engine optimisation strategies as well as pay per click campaigns a.k.a. PPC to drive immediate traffic to the Whitsunday Holidays website. It was fair to say that once people arrived at their website that the pictures literally spoke for themselves and that booking an apartment on Hamilton Island, chartering a fully crewed yacht or bareboating a catamaran or motor cruiser was easy to justify.

To find out more about a holiday or vacation in the Whitsunday Islands then we invite you to visit Whitsunday Holidays and spoil yourself. You deserve it!