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Petra Hair Care

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Petra Hair Care are situated in 14 convenient locations around Victoria and offer a one stop shop for hair care. Fully qualified hairdressers are on hand to offer advice for even the most difficult hair care question. You can change your hair colour, ask any questions about hair care, buy one of the latest straighteners or choose from an extensive range of shampoo, hair colour, conditioner and other products.

Hair Care Online

The success of Petra Hair Care shops has led to the development of the Petra website allowing people throughout Australia to order all the latest hair products including hair shampoo, colour and electrical appliances securely over the Internet and take advantage of special prices and offers. At Petra Hair Care you can discover the right shampoo or colour for your hair type. Join the Petra club and receive product information and a free gift with your first online order.

Hair Straighteners and appliances

Hair Straighteners and appliances are becoming more and more popular and widely used. Petra Hair Care introduces the latest ceramic hair straighteners, which leave the hair healthier and shinier. The ceramic surface of the hair straightener heats evenly and helps achieve the perfect look. Simply visit Petra Hair Care and view all the latest hair straighteners and appliances.

On-line Marketing Strategy

Petra Hair Care engaged Globalise to increase their on-line strategies via search engines such as Google, Yahoo, MSN and Sensis. The team at Globalise optimised the website to increase the visibility of Petra Hair Care for their key search terms. Contact the team at Globalise and see how you can increase the visibility of your website and adopt similar strategies for your business.