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Girlfriend - Your Best Friend in a Magazine

Girlfriend is a magazine for teenage girls with all the information a teenage girl could want jam packed into each issue. Everything from celebrity interviews, movie reviews, cool clothes, fashion and beauty advice to responsible articles on sun safety, relationships, boys, drugs and alcohol are covered in this one funky mag, especially for girls.

Girlfriend is really your teen's best friend with helpful information on relevant teenage issues. Every issue is filled to the brim with informative articles, clothes, make up tips, boyfriends and advice columns on relationships, style and medical issues.

The Girlfriend Team Making a Magazine for Teens

The team at Girlfriend are dedicated to making Girlfriend the number one magazine for teens. Appealing directly to young teenagers, Girlfriend is written in the language of Australian teens, with a snappy design and cool colours. All the team at Girlfriend enjoy the responsibility of producing a cool magazine for teens.

Girlfriend and Boyfriend

At www.girlfriend.com.au there is a special section devoted to boyfriends and boys. Teen girls can read articles, write a special love poem and find out what boys are thinking. They can also read about their favourite celebrities and stars.

Girlfriend - The Coolest Website Ever

www.girlfriend.com.au, is the coolest website ever for teen girls. While Girlfriend the magazine for teen girls is only issued once a month, the Girlfriend website can be accessed at any time. With quizzes and articles, you can also meet the team who produce this great mag for girls and read about their lives and work. Best of all you can even have a say in the next issue by voting on which cover you prefer, what features you want to read and which celebrities you want featured.

For all the latest trends, ideas, entertainment gossip, tips and advice about boys written especially for teenage girls in Australia, read or subscribe to Girlfriend, the mag with all this and more.