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Gourmet by Design

Link to web site: www.gourmetbydesign.com.au

Gourmet by Design are gift hamper specialists in Australia, dedicated to the manufacture of scrumptious handmade chocolates and biscuits. The choice of hampers is very comprehensive and you are sure to find a chocolate hamper or gift box that will match any gift ideas.

The elegantly presented gift hampers and gift baskets created by Gourmet by Design are fabulous gift ideas for any occasion. Whether the gift hamper is for a corporate client or a chocolate hamper for someone special, the final product will definitely satisfy the giver and receiver.

Gift ideas for Special Occasions

A delicious chocolate hamper can be ordered which contains exquisite handmade chocolates and biscuits, made with the finest Australian ingredients. Delicious truffles and chocolates, combined with gourmet foods and wine will make a fabulous gift for a special event.

Corporate gifts ideas can be for clients and customers as a thank you for their patronage, or they may be a gift hamper for employees or associates for a job well done. Baby baskets are another great idea for a gift hamper, containing gourmet foods, baby clothes and particular gifts significant to the event.

Chocolate Hamper Scrumptious Gift Ideas

The fabulous chocolate hamper packages are presented in gorgeous gift baskets with a selection of gourmet products to devour. Gourmet by Design combine their own handmade chocolates, biscuits and nuts with many other delicious gourmet products to create perfect gift ideas for any budget and occasion.

The recipient may be a chocolate enthusiast who would love one of the many Gourmet by Design hand made chocolates like the Hazelnut Pralines, the Couverture Chocolate Frogs or the Kahlua Chocolate Truffles. Gourmet by Design also create many products for the lovers of sweets, including the Boiled Lollies, Macadamia Crunch and Macadamia Brittle.

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