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New Zealand Cargo Experts

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Express Cargo are a highly experienced freight forwarding company in New Zealand who consult on the logistical transport needs for all types of products. As professional freight specialists, Express Cargo are committed to providing hassle free transportation for all kinds of consignments, both perishable and general freight.

Express Cargo can organise for the most cost effective freighting method for any type of New Zealand cargo consignment being shipped from Auckland to the North Island or from Christchurch to the South Island. With specialized transport for any type of cargo, we can pickup and deliver perishable goods at a time that is suitable to the client.

Freight Forwarding in NZ

With many years of experience, Express Cargo can offer clients advice on the best transportation, consultation and logistics for each individual consignment. As one of New Zealand's leading freight forwarding providers, Express Cargo can offer customers a complete service providing door to door shipping within New Zealand for a wide variety of purposes.

By building strong relationships with many experienced freight forwarding companies in New Zealand, Express Cargo can provide their customers with the most cost effective and efficient method of delivering their products. Most of the company's clients require help with the logistics of transporting their perishable goods, and prompt, efficient delivery is imperative to the success of their business.

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