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Fiji Island Vacations with Impulse Fiji

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Impulse Fiji can organise Fiji island vacations at the last minute, and you'll receive the best possible price on both your flight and accommodation at many of the top Fiji hotels and resorts. Impulse Fiji have great deals on Fiji Island vacations and travel packages, even if you've left your reservation until the last minute. Choose Fiji Island vacations with special 'land only' prices or select from the range of 'land & air' travel packages Fiji.

To receive the best prices, Impulse Fiji take advantage of their suppliers' unsold hotel rooms, berths, seats, even rental vehicles and day tours. This means that you receive excellent savings on Fiji Island vacations and travel packages.

Travel Packages Fiji

Impulse Fiji have travel packages Fiji, and Island accommodation in the top Fijian hotels and resorts at the very best rates available. When you purchase a Fiji travel package you will be met by friendly staff who will show you to your transport and provide you with any onward vouchers or other instructions relating to your travel package Fiji. Impulse Fiji aim to make your holiday the best Fiji Island vacation ever!

Book Fiji Island Vacations Online

Book your travel package Fiji (complete with flights from Los Angeles) online, with Impulse Fiji's secure online payment system. You will receive an email confirmation, once your order has been processed. You can also book your Fijian holiday by faxing us your credit card details, or organising a telegraphic transfer directly into our bank account.

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Impulse Fiji and Globalise, have implemented marketing strategies to increase online traffic to Impulse Fiji's website through search engine promotion strategies. By identifying key search terms, such as Fiji Island vacations and Fiji travel package, Globalise made recommendations which have significantly increased Impulse Fiji's online profile and business.