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Dyno Dynamics - Dynamometers

Link to web site: www.dyno.com.au

Dyno Dynamics specialises in chassis dynamometers, engine dynamometers, brake dynamometers and other custom engineered products. This Australian company has produced the most technologically advanced and user friendly range of dynamometers and sells to a diverse customer base world wide.

When you purchase from our range of dynamometers, (or dynos, as they are often called) Dyno Dynamics will train you and your staff to operate the equipment. Their sales and technical support system ensures you are protected should any problems arise. Dyno Dynamics maintain a research and development program leading to regular product enhancement and upgrades. Find out about important discoveries in their technical bulletins, training videos and newsletters.

Engine Dynamometers

Dyno Dynamics have a range of dynamometers specially designed for engines and engine systems. Engine dynamometers and in fact the whole range of dynos come with computer keyboard, monitor, mouse, back up system, colour printer, power filter, graph editor and a comprehensive user manual. Engine dynamometers can be adjusted to suit your business, a host of options are available to customise engine dynamometers.

Chassis Dynamometers, Brake Dynamometers & More

Dyno Dynamics’ product range includes chassis dynamometers and brake dynamometers as well as engine dynos and of course all of these can be customised to meet the individual needs of your business enabling you to attract new customers. Most of the dynamometers can be mounted above ground, in pit or even be portable and can be used on standard road vehicles or performance engines.

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