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Glenco Electrical Services

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For all your electrical repairs and installations, contact the Sydney based company Glenco Electrical Services. Glenco offers a complete service from solving day to day electrical problems to more complicated installations, optical fibre, coaxial and telephone cabling.

Service and Maintenance - Qualified Electricians

Glenco's service and maintenance division runs a fleet of vehicles fully set up to solve general day to day problems throughout Sydney. Their licensed electricians specialise in household electrical repairs, installation of hot water systems, repairs to stoves and ovens, internal and external lighting installations and home automation. As an extra bonus Glenco Electrical Services also offers a 24 hour emergency service.

Communications, Data and Commercial Electrical Services

Glenco Electrical Services also has a communications/data division for high level electrical work in the domestic, commercial and industrial sectors. Their highly skilled staff and qualified electricians perform work in optical fibre, category 5, coaxial and telephone cabling installations. Glenco Electrical Services can help with Cable TV outlets, data points and relocation of television and phone outlets.

Electrical Installations

The installation division also run by qualified electricians can help you with anything from shop and office fitouts, household or business rewiring to design and construction of projects.

Peace of Mind for All Electrical Repairs

For electrical repairs you can trust and first class customer service, contact Glenco Electrical Services. They are always happy to discuss a job with you before it begins and provide additional information or a quote. For electrical emergencies they can be contacted 24 hours a day and offer reliable, quality electrical repairs every time.

Glenco Electrical Services Online Marketing Strategy

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