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B & R Enclosures

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Click on this link to visit the B & R Enclosures Website.

B & R Enclosures are Australian manufacturers of electrical enclosures, racks and cabinets for the Australian market, and for export to many countries around the world.

Electrical Enclosures technical capabilities

B & R has the technical capability to design, engineer and manufacture products to meet internationally type testing and specialist certification standards for every application.

Enclosure cabinets

When application specific features are required, B & R are your local partner in the design and manufacturing process. You can be confident B & R will develop an enclosure solution which will meet your expectations.

B&R - Product Range

General Purpose & Industrial Enclosures

General Purpose is our range of enclosures from small terminal boxes right through to floor mounted, free standing enclosures built for industrial applications. The Domestic and Commercial Range is designed for non-industrial type applications.

Server Racks and Non-Metallic Enclosures

The Polynova range is part of a non-metallic enclosure range of modular termination and component boxes.

Racks & Cabinets

B & R Enclosures has developed a comprehensive range of data communication electrical enclosures and rack cabinet solutions to ensure that your network runs to its optimum capacity. With models for indoor and outdoor applications, these server enclosures provide a simple and cost effective solution.

The Ausrack Configurator

The Ausrack Configurator is designed to help you select the required rack cabinet part number, and to provide details of all the accessories that will fit into that rack cabinet.

Server rack and Switchboard Building

B & R Enclosures provide a large range of modular accessories suitable for server rack and switchboard building specifically designed for the industrial market or for a general purpose electrical enclosure.

Stainless Steel

B & R Enclosure's stainless steel range of electrical enclosures varies from small terminal boxes right through to floor mounted, free standing enclosures. All are built for industrial applications, and have been designed with a superior finish.

Mining & Hazardous Locations

The B&R Mining & Hazardous Location range are suitable for the more arduous applications encountered in industry.

Texa Range

The Texa climate control range has been developed as a cost effective solution to enclosure cooling problems.

Online Marketing Strategy

B & R Enclosures work with Globalise to continue to increase their exposure on the major search engines. As B & R increase their international presence they realised that an internet marketing strategy that includes search engine optimisation and website marketing was necessary. Globalise have work with B and R previously at improving their rankings on the internet. If you would like to find out more then contact Globalise and find out how your website can increase targeted traffic and achieve high search engine rankings.