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Deposit Bonds

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Purchasing property in Australia is one of the most important decisions that will be made in a lifetime. Finding an appropriate lender to supply the necessary funds to pay deposit guarantee at the initial stages is usually difficult to source.

Deposit Access are proud to provide customers with deposit bonds as a cost effective solution for sourcing finance when purchasing property. These deposit bonds will be an efficient alternative to costly bridging finance that customers usually chose.

Deposit Guarantee Funding

By substituting the standard deposit made on exchange of contracts, deposit bonds provide the intending purchaser with a guaranteed deposit bond. Such funding is required at the time of purchase when contracts are exchanged.

Customers can access funds easily at the time of exchange of contracts when deposit bonds are required. By organising a deposit guarantee with Deposit Access, the investor can eliminate unnecessary costs.

Deposit Bond - Australia Investment

Deposit bonds will represent the 10% deposit that is made at the time of purchase, and represents an easy alternative to bridging finance when needing to find funding. Deposit bonds can be used as a deposit on all types of property purchases, even as a deposit bond for an investment property.

Many intending purchasers will have their funding tied up in investments so alternative funding is usually required. A deposit guarantee enables them to place a deposit on a property with a cheaper and easier alternative.

Deposit Guarantee Flexibility

When purchasing at auction the purchaser needs to be prepared with some form of deposit guarantee to put forward when contracts are exchanged. By organising a deposit guarantee through Deposit Access, they do not need to make any arrangements with finance until settlement time.

Deposit Access can provide a deposit guarantee as a cheaper more flexible option with the payment for deposit bonds made when settlement finally happens. Such flexibility is very important to the investor who requires any property funding assistance.

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