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Christmas Island - A Perfect Nature Holiday

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Christmas Island is a small, remote island in the Indian Ocean off the Western Australian coast. This beautiful island offers you the chance to enjoy a perfect nature holiday. On Christmas Island over 63% of the land is National Park, and you can see flora and fauna not found anywhere else in the world. Christmas Island really is the ideal setting for a nature holiday. The Island's close proximity to South East Asia and the equator has resulted in a diverse range of bird species and marine life.

Whaleshark diving

One of the highlights of a nature holiday on Christmas Island would have to be whaleshark diving. Whaleshark diving is an unforgettable marine adventure and has become a major tourist attraction for Christmas Island. Divers from all over the world travel to Christmas Island between November and April each year, just to experience whaleshark diving. As well as the chance to go whaleshark diving, Christmas Island, is surrounded by a narrow tropical reef, making it the perfect destination for a nature holiday. The reef is laced with many unspoiled corals and abundant species of marine life and exploring the reef is a spectacular marine adventure at any time of the year.

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For a memorable and educational nature holiday for nature lovers of all ages, Christmas Island is the perfect destination.

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