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ChemDry Carpet Cleaning

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With currently have over 200 ChemDry franchise businesses around Australia, the ChemDry business has grown significantly since being first established in Australia in 1986. By providing a high quality product to their clients, each franchisee is building a strong relationship wish each of their customers wanting clean carpets.

The ChemDry method uses carbonation rather than the standard carpet cleaning treatments of steam. The carbonated water gets into the fibres and brings the dirt to the surface for a better result for clean carpets or upholstery.

ChemDry Franchise Opportunities

With many satisfied customers, purchasing a ChemDry franchise is an investment with great potential. Representing one of Australia's leading carpet cleaning companies, a ChemDry franchise owner is assured of repeat business because of the quality product they represent and the word of mouth method of marketing.

A satisfied customer with clean carpets is happy to extol the benefits of getting a ChemDry franchise member to come and clean a friend's home or commercial business. As well as carpet cleaning, ChemDry provides customers with cleaning of upholstery, carpet protection treatments and specific stain and odour removal methods.

Clean Carpets for Commercial Business

The cleaning methods used by Chemdry are ideally suited to retail and commercial business because it causes very little inconvenience to the client. With a wide network of well trained operators around Australia, a local Chemdry franchise can be found that can provide the client with the appropriate service.

Regular Chemdry treatments can help extend the life of carpet and upholstery because it helps to totally remove inbuilt dirt and grime. Businesses that can benefit from this corporate service are schools, department stores, hospitals and waiting rooms.

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