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Sugarland Car Rental

Visit the web site of Sugarland Car Rentals : www.sugarland.com.au

Booking quality car rental in Cairns or Far North Queensland is easy with Sugarland Car Rentals. Far North Queensland has 2 handy Sugarland locations which offer drop offs at either of location.

Tourists can take advantage of car hire specials with a choice of quality vehicles for any budge.

Car Hire Specials

As experts in car rentals in Far North Queensland, Sugarland are able to provide cost effective car hire specials with the minimum of fuss. With the most extensive range of vehicles for car rental in Cairns and at very competitive prices, car hire with Sugarland Car Rental in Cairns & FNQ ensures that travel in Australia is convenient and hassle-free.

Sugarland are locally owned and operated and have been in business since 1992. Sugarland can be located for car hire specials at two handy locations for car rentals in Cairns & Mission Beach.

Quality Range of Vehicles

They have 19 different types of vehicles, ranging from budget to luxury vehicles. The range of vehicles for car rental in Cairns & FNQ also includes 4 wheel drives, buses, utes and trucks, easily suiting everyone's needs and tastes. Great car hire specials can be booked on the Sugarland website.

Sugarland Car Rentals in Cairns and FNQ can enable the tourist to see Australia at their own pace .

Car Hire Specials

With an office for car rental in Cairns and another at Mission Beach, Sugarland offers car hire specials with the flexibility of one way drop offs between these two locations. They also offer free pick up and delivery of car rental at Cairns airport and hotel accommodation.

Sugarland offer many car hire specials & discount vouchers for all the local tourist spots to be found while driving a Sugarland car rental in Far North Queensland and surrounding areas.

Expert Knowledge

Sugarland Car Rentals in Cairns & Mission Beach offer a personalised and professional attitude. With expert local knowledge they can inform tourists of the many magnificent attractions.

Experience the tropical beauty of Australia with the helpful staff at Sugarland Car Rentals. They can offer great car hire specials for an affordable Australian holiday.

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