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Young and Cool Car Insurance

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Young and Cool Car Insurance offers car insurance policies for young drivers between the ages of 17 and 30 who own their own motor vehicle and need car insurance. Young and Cool specialise in car insurance throughout Australia for young drivers, however the policy can also include other family members who may also be drivers of the vehicle. Young and Cool Car Insurance promotes safe driving and offers discounts and rewards for young drivers who undertake their new defensive driver training course. Their car insurance policies have been specially designed for young drivers and their families.

Car Insurance Policies

A car insurance policy with Young and Cool Car Insurance offers many benefits for young drivers including competitive rates, insurance for most drivers (even those who drive imports, turbo, V8 and modified cars) and no claims discount. As a special benefit, Young and Cool will give young drivers $50 cash back when they complete a defensive driver course to level 1. A further $50 will be given on passing level 2 as well. Young and Cool are an Australian owned car insurance underwriting agent and are the only company in Australia specialising in car insurance for young drivers.

Defensive Driver Course

Young and Cool promotes safe driving and encourages young drivers to adopt a positive and defensive driving attitude. A defensive driver course increases the driving confidence of young drivers, through improved driving techniques and by enhancing their skills and knowledge particularly in relation to issues such as speed, driver fatigue and inattention. Young and Cool Car Insurance offers discounts and cash back offers for young drivers who complete a defensive driver course.

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