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Bad Credit – Loan Specialists

Phone: 13 BLUE (13 2583)

For Bad Credit, the loan specialists, Bluestone Mortgages will help any customers who are finding it difficult to find funding arrangements or mortgage insurance because of any type of debt problem. Bluestone have experienced consultants to help customers who may be having problems with bankruptcy, outstanding arrears, unpaid defaults or other financial difficulties.

Self employed loan customers may need funding for a property purchase, whether as an investment or as the family home, and may find it hard to source funding because of their lack of documentation due to inconsistent work history and other sundries. Customers may obtain an appropriate loan for their circumstances so as to consolidate all their debts and thereby reducing the overall repayments.

Loan Applications with Minimal Documentation and mortgage insurance

The larger banks and building societies will expect particular documentation when processing a loan application, and for some customers this is difficult to bypass and very restrictive with a history of bad credit. Loan customers need to look at alternative options that are more flexible to their needs and financial situation.

Financial statements and continuous work history may be difficult to obtain or prove and for this reason many financial situations will stop the process at that point. To be able to proceed further in sourcing finance and mortgage insurance the customer requiring a self employed loan can contact Bluestone Mortgages for assistance in obtaining a suitable loan.

Consolidating Repayments

Reducing a customer’s financial debt is the main aim of refinancing any type of loan. By consolidating all repayments into one package with mortgage insurance reduces the pressure from creditors as the customer is only dealing with one institution rather than numerous debts with numerous creditors.

Mortgage insurance and debt consolidation is where the customer has discussed their current financial situation with an experienced adviser and it is of benefit to take out a new mortgage on the property to pay out the existing mortgage. These benefits may be a lower interest rate or reduction in monthly repayments by extending the mortgage but it is important to ensure that there are no exit fees or other sundry payments that may make consolidation a more expensive option.

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Phone: 13 BLUE (13 2583)