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Australian Properties - Building and Managing Property Investment

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Australian Properties can show you how to build wealth and start a property investment portfolio, using the equity in your existing home. Many first time investors and even more experienced investors have secured their future by investing in a house and land package, achieving capital growth and maximising returns. Australian Properties is Australian owned and operated, and has a thorough knowledge of the Australian property market. Using the latest research, Australian Properties will only offer house and land packages in highly populated areas of Australia with proven rental returns. They will ensure that your expenditure is kept to the absolute minimum and that you will achieve maximum rewards.

House and Land Packages

It is a well known fact that land appreciates in value whilst buildings depreciate. Australian Properties recommend property investment specifically through house and land packages for this simple reason. If you invest in a unit, apartment or townhouse you share your investment with other owners and may have to pay high levies towards the maintenance of the complex. As a home owner with a house and land package, you own the house, you own the land and you achieve higher capital growth.

One Stop Shop for Property Investment

Australian Properties offer a one stop shop for property investment. Your first free no obligation consultation will show you how you can use property investment to start an investment portfolio using the equity in your current home. They then help you with investment loans, valuations, depreciation schedules, house and land packages, tenant sourcing, tax benefits and more. Even after your investment Australian Properties will hold follow up consultations with you to ensure that your requirements are being met.

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