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Australian products online

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Vist the web site of exton australia : www.extonaustralia.com

Exton Enterprises is a privately owned Australian company specialising in the marketing of quality uniquely Australian products online. Exton Enterprises are using the internet as the only marketing medium by promoting Australian products online.

The Australian Aboriginal Art Gallery

Quality Australian made traditional and contemporary Aboriginal art handcrafted by a variety of artists. Their range of Aboriginal art includes didgeridoos, hand painted terracotta vases and plates, boomerangs and Aboriginal art canvases.

The locally produced terracotta plates are hand painted in the Aboriginal art style using a fabulous range of colours.

They carry genuine Aboriginal art by Coral Southee and Allen Craigie. The majority of their Aboriginal art is depicted through "dot art" or "line painting".

Australian plush soft toys

The Exton gallery carries a wide range of your favourite Australian animal plush soft toys and wool teddy bears. Their range of Australian products online includes koala, kangaroo, kookaburra, wombat & platypus soft toys. Just about every native animal is available as one of our gorgeous soft toys. Whether it's the possum, dolphin or whale, you will find it in our soft toys gallery.

No animal products are used in the manufacture of the soft toys. All plush soft toys are suitable for young children and are washable.

Wool Bedding

They stock quality Australian made wool bedding products including wool quilts, underblankets & pillows. Wool bedding products are available in all sizes from single to king. Wool bedding is resiliant & comfortable.

The Exton website showcases Australian products online including a vast range of wool bedding. As wool bedding is fire resistant , wool bedding is the safest choice.

Extons' also carry a range of thermal underwear, sheepskins & lambskins as well as our fabulous wool bedding.

Australian T-shirts Gallery - T-shirts for everybody

They have a great selection of Australian made t-shirts, polo shirts, sweatshirts and caps for both adults and children. Their t-shirts include Aboriginal art, Australian animals, birds & marine life. All t-shirts are manufactured by Gooses T-shirts and Alison Green Designs.

Their cotton t-shirts cover a wide range of Australian products. Online you can view the designs on the t-shirts, including unique Australian features such as Ayers Rock or Sydney Harbour. They also have t-shirts that depict Australian wildlife & marine life or Aboriginal art. All fabulous designs are on quality 100% cotton T-shirts.

Internet Marketing with Globalise

Exton Enterprises were looking at improving their overall exposure on the search engines like Google, Yahoo and MSN. Globalise, a leading SEO company, have helped the Exton Enterprises to identify the major search terms being used on the search engines for their products. This strategy is to enhance their website's ranking with each of the search engines. If you would like to discuss how your website could be achieving high rankings then contact the team at Globalise.