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Fire Design Glass represents the passionate inspiration of glass artist Raymond Mifsud to create animal figurine gifts with a unique depth and character. The range of superb figurines is only limited by your imagination.

A glass animal figurine is a wonderful choice for a wedding gift, anniversary present, birthday gift, sporting trophy or just that special occasion. Glass roses have proven to be one of our favourite wedding gift ideas.

Sculptured Gifts

A variety of glass animal figurine gifts are on offer for you to choose special glass figurines or sculptured gifts. Choose from the range of animals & marine life including dolphin figurines, glass dragon figurines or cat figurines.

A Fire Design Glass animal figurine is a unique handmade glass crystal & can be made to order. With a large selection of hand sculptured animals such as horse figurines, glass crystal dogs, cats & tiger figurines.

Unique Gifts - One of a kind

Are you looking for a wedding gift with a difference? Fire Design Glass can design a custom-made glass animal figurine to your meet your requirements or maybe you wish to chose from the gallery of many sea creatures.

Fire Design Glass website - Gallery of Figurines

All photos in animal figurine gallery on the website can be enlarged to see more details of the range of glass sculptured figurines available. A glass figurine gift can be a perfect Christmas present, birthday gift, wedding gift or just to say thank you.

Items can be made to order for that special occasion, whether it be for a birthday present or wedding gift. Fire Design Glass will create a piece of art that is truly unique, an absolute original.

Animal Figurine Sculptures

Australia is the homeland of amazing mammals and marsupials. Fire Design Glass' range of glass animal figurine sculptures include many native animals beautifully sculptured into magnificent glass figurines.

Our range of glass figurines & paperweights are a perfect reflection of the wonderful Australian Outback and Great Barrier Reef. Each is unique with exceptional quality.

Hand made Glass Crystal - Birthday or Wedding Gift Ideas

Each unique animal figurine is mastered with attention to detail and craftsmanship. Your imagination is all we need to create a special gift.

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