African Safaris Discover the African Bush

Take an extensive African Safari experience on a tour suitable for the adventure hungry African Safari traveller. Many travel operators have safaris and tours to suit your needs and tastes. Some tours are short and offer 3-4 days in the wild, others take you to ever part of the African peninsula across numerous countries and game parks.

For the hundreds of years travellers have enjoyed the rich African continent, from the exotic wildlife to the majestic natural landscape. An African safari has literally everything that a 21st century explorer has to offer. Fill your senses with an exciting African Safaris, from the planned to the unexpected tour styles. Every single person that goes on an African safari adventures says it was a life changing experience that will stay with them forever.

Experience the African Bush, which is an exciting place with its unique wildlife and landscape. Where else can you see and experience wild animals such as elephants, tigers, giraffes, lions, zebras and rhinos in such number in its the natural habitat up close and personal?

How to travel on your African Safari

Choose a tour group that knows their way around Africa. Take a safe journey that is planned and spontaneous all mixed together. No trip is the same, tour guides will tell you that. Each African safari has its own unique experiences, based on the people you meet, the animals, the season, the food, the laughter and of course, there is always a bit of African Magic.

Travelling to Africa is not for everyone; you will need to consider the weather, the food and the accommodation. For the first time traveller, it may be the start you need to get in touch with the nature and wildlife the world has to offer. Take the plunge and experience an African adventure to change your like forever.

9 times out of 10 people choose African Safaris because they just knew they had to do it in their lifetime. So ask yourself the question, "Am I ready to answer the call of the wild?" When you are ready, call your Travel Consultant they will match a safari to suit your timing and imagination.