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Cocos (Keeling) Islands

Holidaymakers looking for a tranquil holiday will find the Cocos Islands is perfect for a laid back, easygoing island holiday. With many types of accommodation styles available, they can find a place to stay that suits their needs and budgets.

Most people have heard of Christmas Island, but located nearby in the Indian Ocean are the Cocos Islands which are an ideal destination for any type of holiday. Whether for a family island holiday, diving trip, snorkelling or fishing holiday, tourists can do as they wish at a relaxing pace which is unlike many other holiday destinations.

Island Holiday Variety of Tours

The island has a unique Malay culture for visitors to experience as well as the unique tranquility not usually found when on an island holiday. Browse the Cocos Keeling website to find specialized tours that can show tourists many types of tours showcasing the culture and history of the islands.

There are many types of tour operators who offer tourists land based and water based tours to see the stunning coral reef of the Cocos Islands. When reef walking it is suggested that travellers wear suitable footwear so as to protect their feet from the coral.

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